BAR-Net (Boca Amateur Radio-Net) preamble

Calling the Boca Amateur Radio-Net, Calling the Boca Amateur Radio-Net.
This is [call in phonics and name], net control for this evening. This is a directed net. Please do not break the net unless you have emergency or priority traffic.

Any stations with emergency or priority traffic, please call net control at this time [Wait a few seconds]

Nothing heard! This net operates every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM local time and thanks the City of Boca Raton who maintains the 147.255 MHZ KC4GH repeater. This informational net serves the Boca Raton area Amateur Radio clubs and Boca Raton CERT. The Boca Raton Amateur Radio Association (BRARA) meets every first Tuesday of each month and meets at 1801 Clintmore Rd. Suite 110. The K4FAU Amateur Radio Club meets on the third Tuesday of each month at T6 located just east of Palm Beach Community College South.

When checking in please state your club affiliation. This can be: BRARA, FAU, CERT, or other. If there is time the lists of check-ins will be reviewed for comments. If for any reason, you will not be available for comments, please notify net control at the time of check-in.

Stations with bulletins or announcements please call now.

[Do your own announcements before taking regular check-ins]

At this time, any mobile, portable or short of time check-ins please call now, with your call, name and club affiliation only. [Acknowledge all check-ins by repeating their call and club affiliation].

I will now take all regular check-ins, please call now. [Progress down the list for comments while periodically checking for more check-ins].

(Closing preamble) I would like to thank all stations for checking in this evening. Our net will reconvene next Wednesday at 7:00 PM local time. This is your net control station [call] closing the net at [time]. 73's and good evening to all stations. [call] CLEAR !

!Be sure to finish before 7:30 to give check-ins the time to switch to the PBCARES net!